Swimming with turtles

One of the famous attractions for tourist in Samoa is to swim with turtles. There is a place in Savai’i where you can go to a sort of a pond and swim with around twenty green sea turtles. The average weight of mature individuals is around 200 kilograms so I would say that are fairly [...]

Adventure at the pyramid. Part 2

Perviously in samoadiaries.com Choice seemed easy until our friend said, I believe the road with the sign is a walking road, the other one is probably a car road and we can drive even closer. After some fifty meters inside of the road of the right, well we where a bit trapped, no way the [...]

Adventure at the pyramid. Part I

We decided to go this weekend with some friends to Savai’i, the largest island of Samoa. We thought it would be nice to spend the night out and spend some time getting to know the other island and get into our first adventure in Samoa. First thing I have to say is that to get [...]