I was the other day at the Robert Luis Stevenson Museum in Vailima, Apia. It was a great experience that I will explain in more detail in other post. What I wanted to talk about today was about king Malietoa and cannibalism. Outside of the museum there was a statue of him and his son, [...]

Taufua Beach Fales

We went this weekend to the recently rebuilt Taufua Beach Fales. This was one of the most punished areas of the Tsunami in 2009 and the family owning the business was the most suffered the tsunami with fourteen loses. The Taufua Beach Fales is on the most east side of the Upolu island. When you [...]

Lets go to the beach

So one of the things you can do in Samoa is going to the beach, of course. In Opolu where we live the best beach areas are on the South. Usually you need to pay a fee to the village that you need to drive through to get to the beach, depending on the conditions [...]