The sounds of Apia

Sunrise Apia

There are cities that are known for their smells, if you think about it for a second I am sure you know what I am talking about; but Apia has a characteristic, the sounds, more specially in the night.

  • When the sun goes down, the concert starts. It is well know that one of the biggest problems in Samoa is the wild dogs, it is a health and security issue, well, the dogs are usually the ones that start the concert, barking, howling, fighting, etc. This sounds goes on the whole night, and I believe it triggers some of the other sounds.
  • Cats, there are plenty of them around here and there is always one calling for partners, running out of the dogs or fighting with god knows what other animal.
  • Roosters, where I come from, these guys start their own concert at 5:30 am or so (usually at the sunrise), here in Apia, maybe because of the other sounds, maybe because they are a bit confused, but they start at 1:30 am and they go on the whole night, seriously.
  • Chicken, well, since the boss is up and singing, all the chicken family is in motion so you can hear all the gloglo here and there all the night too.
  • Other sound you can hear in our area is a barn owl, he is usually not very active, but sometimes he is singing for some time.
  • The oxen, as the barn owl, is not very active, or loud either, unless they are in some sort of pain, like when they give birth. They can get very loud and it can last for hours.
  • Geckos, yes, geckos make a few sounds, first they make some acute sound, that can sound like a bird, it is very characteristic and when you know it, you can get to use easily. They also make sounds when they fall from the ceiling, this seem to happen more often than I thought, but they fight each other and they lose the balance often, I guess is not that easy to walk upside down. The last sounds they do, are usually related to the plastic covers that I put on top of the papayas and bananas, they keep trying to get in, and sometimes they do manage to take away the plastic lids we use…

These are the sounds I can identify, but there are plenty of others, like some strange breathing I can hear from my bedroom since a couple of weeks, at the beginning we thought it was a dog sleeping, but now we start to believe is some other sort of animal, I will check it out some night and let you know if I figure out what animal it is.

In general I have no problem at all with any of the sounds but I know some people might, so if you are bother by sounds in the night, you should bring your ear plugs if you are coming to Apia.



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