Bye Bye, Samoa

After eleven months living in Samoa we moved out. It has been a great time for us, we enjoyed the country very much and we made many friends. I will stop writing on the blog but I will keep it online for a while and I will be happy to hearing from you people as [...]

Judo in Samoa

Hello all and sorry for the delay on writing this post. This weekend was the 2010 OJU Judo World Cup. First I have to clarify that this is not the official Judo World Championship from 2010 that took place in Tokio, Japan from the 9th to the 13th of September. Then, there are 16 championships, one of [...]

Samoa howls

I have never really touched the issue with dogs in Samoa and I feel I should talk a little bit about it. There is a serious problem with dogs in Samoa, as simple as that. This might be one of the big setbacks of this country. There are dogs everywhere, and you never know if [...]