Bye Bye, Samoa

After eleven months living in Samoa we moved out. It has been a great time for us, we enjoyed the country very much and we made many friends. I will stop writing on the blog but I will keep it online for a while and I will be happy to hearing from you people as [...]

Pleasant surprises in Samoa

First of all I have to apologize because I left the blog a little bit aside for some time. I have some busy weeks here, I know is no excuse but I was investing some time into updating my online presence via my personal site and my new blog. That said I wanted to make [...]

Taufua Beach Fales

We went this weekend to the recently rebuilt Taufua Beach Fales. This was one of the most punished areas of the Tsunami in 2009 and the family owning the business was the most suffered the tsunami with fourteen loses. The Taufua Beach Fales is on the most east side of the Upolu island. When you [...]