Bye Bye, Samoa

After eleven months living in Samoa we moved out. It has been a great time for us, we enjoyed the country very much and we made many friends. I will stop writing on the blog but I will keep it online for a while and I will be happy to hearing from you people as [...]

Samoa howls

I have never really touched the issue with dogs in Samoa and I feel I should talk a little bit about it. There is a serious problem with dogs in Samoa, as simple as that. This might be one of the big setbacks of this country. There are dogs everywhere, and you never know if [...]

Pleasant surprises in Samoa

First of all I have to apologize because I left the blog a little bit aside for some time. I have some busy weeks here, I know is no excuse but I was investing some time into updating my online presence via my personal site and my new blog. That said I wanted to make [...]