Independence Day

Independence Day Dance

On June 1st Samoans celebrated their independence from New Zealand in 1962. We joined the celebration and enjoyed with the dance and music that was performed by the villages, and colleges.

There was food, samoan barbecue, niu coconuts, taro and banana chips, etc.

The process was as follows:

The village and college people arrive singing to the government people.

Independence Day Dance Village

Independence Day waiting

Independence Day dance women

The they sit down and one representative sings and dances for the goverment. Some of the groups also danced and sang.

Independence Day group

Then they leave presents, like roasted pigs and tree barks flattened and hand painted.

Independence Day Pig

Independence Day Present

There was TV coverage of the event:

Independence Day TV

And even though there was a very big storm in the morning we had the sun heating like never:

Independence Day Heat

All in all it was a fun celebration, as a comment I would suggest the organization to prepare a program and publish it, there seem to be some confusion since nobody seem to know when the different groups where coming from or when the other events will be taking place. Maybe next year.



  1. Great photos. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about my beloved homeland, Samoa. Keep up the good work. Soifua!

  2. Glad you enjoy it. We really enjoy being here in Samoa, ah, and congrats to Manu Samoa Seven!!! I will be there on Monday taking some pictures on the celebration.


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