Judo in Samoa

Hello all and sorry for the delay on writing this post. This weekend was the 2010 OJU Judo World Cup. First I have to clarify that this is not the official Judo World Championship from 2010 that took place in Tokio, Japan from the 9th to the 13th of September. Then, there are 16 championships, one of them is the one organized by the Oceania Judo Union this last weekend in Samoa.

I have to say that I am a big judo fan, I practiced judo for over twelve years in my youth and I really love the sport, the philosophy and the competition.

The complex where the tournament took place was very well set. Nice temperature inside of the pavilion, good light, two tatami for simultaneous fights for the bronze medals. The very sad part was the luck of audience for the fights. It looks like judo is not a mayor sport in Samoa and is not dragging enough attention. Such a pity because there is nothing more exciting that a full pavilion cheering on the combats.

2010 OJU Judo World Cup stadium

Here we see how desolated it looked like, even though the entrance was for free. Real pity.

2010 OJU Judo World Cup stadium empty

The show itself was very good, there were some very interesting combats, but is is fair to say that the level overall was nothing close to a World Championship or Olympic Games, of course.

2010 OJU Judo World Cup fight action

I really believe that this short of events are the best way to get people engaged with new sports, and I truly believe that Samoans would do very well on Judo, there was a Fijian fighter in one of the combats for the Bronze medal. Judo is also a good sport for the kids to practice, it gives you mental and physical skills that can be applied later in your life, you don’t need to compete to enjoy this sport and it is a very cheap sport to practice. It will be a very good thing that Samoa picks up on Judo, first step was taken, lets hope it goes any deeper, into clubs and schools.

2010 OJU Judo World Cup fight decision



  1. Jeremiah

    Yes sad to see an empty arena, and I agree I think Samoans would do well in this sport. They are naturally very strong and can be very disciplined. The youth there sadly only see rugby as a “way out sport” but there are now young people willing to try other sports like the brother and sister combination who competed at the London Olypics this year. Also a Samoan athlete in the USA team won a gold medal in London. Several players in the World Cup All Blacks Samoans. Hell, theres even a professional Water Polo star in Europe who is a Samoan. Natural athletes islanders, just need more chances to promote sport as source of income – that would get the parents behind them hehe


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