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So one of the things you can do in Samoa is going to the beach, of course. In Opolu where we live the best beach areas are on the South. Usually you need to pay a fee to the village that you need to drive through to get to the beach, depending on the conditions of the road and if you get a fale on the each the prices go from 5 tala the group to 20 tala. To drive in some of these roads you need a four wheel drive, no kidding,

So once there you get to some amazing beach areas, is not like the sand area is very wide, but the water is amazing, crystal clear. One thing I have to say about Samoa is that there is no business vision in some of these places. The beaches are great but the village people collect the money for the entrance and thats it, if the would offer water, coconuts, papayas (not to say cocktails, coffee, beer), they will be making very good money and they will get more people coming over to the beach.

Bach Samoa

Other problem in this area is that this is the area where the tsunami hit last year, so some resorts, and beach areas still show the consequences of such a tragic event. I will talk about the tsunami and the economic and social impact on Samoa in a more extensive post later on.

Tsunami Samoa

For now, I prefer to remember the nice areas and the hope that all of these places will be rebuilt and back to life soon.

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