Pleasant surprises in Samoa

Satuiatua beach fales

First of all I have to apologize because I left the blog a little bit aside for some time. I have some busy weeks here, I know is no excuse but I was investing some time into updating my online presence via my personal site and my new blog.

That said I wanted to make a quick post talking about one of the things that often happen in Samoa. Right when you don’t expect it you get a pleasant surprise. This happened in Savaii and we wanted to stay in some place on the southwest of the island. We found (one of the few places there) Satuiatua.

This is a surfer/ backpacker fale on the beach spot that not only is a great deal for the price but also has very nice and helpful people working in there.

Satuiatua beach fales back view

The price for the beach fales is around 65 (18,80 euros / 25,45 USD) tala per person including dinner and breakfast (I have to say that this breakfast was fantastic, and the dinner very innovative and vey good quality). They also have a house on the beach that cost 85 tala per person (24,59  euros / 33,29 USD) per night if you don’t want to be on the fales.

Satuiatua beach fales front view

Beach is very nice too, great areas for snorkeling (you don’t need to swim very far to be able to see a great variety of fish and coral).

Hope this tip helps the Savaii travelers.



  1. Ida Schaaf

    I love this article and it looks beautiful, more pictures please!!

  2. Avei.Taase

    Satuiatua is nice beach in my village.I miss my village.thank u very mush.

  3. Meritta Grace Leilua

    It was great to know that you enjoy our home town beach resort. Our family owns this and I am verrryyy happy that people are enjoy their time in paradise call Satuiatua.

  4. Faith Schuster

    I LOVE these photo’s !!!! makes me want to go back to the beach!!! <3 I ISS BEING THERE !!!!

  5. This resort only has one review on Trip Advisor, do you have any more photo’s?

    Thank You.


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