Swimming with turtles

Green Sea Turtle

One of the famous attractions for tourist in Samoa is to swim with turtles. There is a place in Savai’i where you can go to a sort of a pond and swim with around twenty green sea turtles. The average weight of mature individuals is around 200 kilograms so I would say that are fairly big animals.

Entrance to the pond is 5 tala per person, and you can stay as long as you want. There seems to be a protection plan project, but this pond belongs to a local family and they don’t seem to know much about the turtles (they don’t give you any info) instead they sell you bananas and papayas, so that you can feed the turtles. I am no expert in these animals but it seemed wrong to me to support this diet for an endangered specie.

Green Sea Turtle Pond

Well, the family there was nice and I have to say that the pond is a pretty place, and the family members that own it are also nice, at some point it started to rain and the let us use one of the family fales.

Green Sea Turtle Pond Rain

Overall it is an interesting experience, but you leave with mixed feelings, as the Lonely planet says “you cant blame the family for trying to make some extra tala” but at the same time it doesn’t seem to be the right way to take care of these animals, I trully hope that someone at realize that the situation is not ideal and try to put an end to it before is too late.




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