Taufua Beach Fales

Taufua Beach Fales

We went this weekend to the recently rebuilt Taufua Beach Fales. This was one of the most punished areas of the Tsunami in 2009 and the family owning the business was the most suffered the tsunami with fourteen loses.

The Taufua Beach Fales is on the most east side of the Upolu island. When you are driving from Apia and you are approaching the area you can start seeing the consequences of the tsunami, completely destroyed fales, houses, even the rocks have been eaten by the water, it looks desolated in same places, but you also drive by some villages that – I have to say – are the most lively villages in Samoa, everyone is out sharing life with the community, gardens nicely put together and everyone smiling at us when we drive by, it really does not show in these people that last year something catastrophic has happened in this area.

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Arriving to the beach fales you can see a first row of fales with the open walls straight on the beach, and a second row with some (also newly built) a bit bigger fales with walls. We stood at the second row fales, this is 90 tala per person and it includes breakfast and dinner. Also on Sunday for Mothers day there was a special lunch that we were invited, I believe they do a free lunch for the gusts every Sunday.

This is the first row of fales.

Beach fales

And a detail of one of the fales.

Beach Fale

I have to say that every single meal was nice, enough in quantity and variety. I also have to say that their regular menu, fish and chips, burgers, etc. is not that impressive, you pay 15 tala for the fish and chips and the fish is not great.

The family at the fales have been very nice, they are always willing to help and offer activities to the guests, like little tours on the area, and, for example, since the Sunday was Mothers day, they gave a ride to whoever wanted to church. They also have a volleyball net, a couple of rowing boats, and some stuff to play for the family and guests. For me it was interesting to see how, sometimes, the members of the family behave like another guest, playing with the other people and enjoying their time, it is an interesting approach for europeans, but I have to say that we enjoyed our time very much.

Samoa Beach

The sea here is quite wild, is open sea and the current is strong so you better be careful when you are in the water. You can also see that there is also a new row of fales under construction. This family is making a big effort to bring back the life to this area. I can see that there is a problem to some people to come over to this area after what happened, especially after being there, when you see that in case a tsunami is coming, there is not much time to leave the area, and the exit is not that easy because you have some very steep reef behind you, so you cant climb up there, you need to drive away and this might take too much time to get out of the place. Even though I believe now they are better prepared to evacuate people when an earthquake hits, probably they will evacuate more often than before, but is fine, this will prepare the local people to be ready in case this happens again (even though it is extremely rare that this happens).

Beach Picture Samoa

Overall I have to say it was an amazing experience, a beautiful place, great people and quietness, all you need to relax for a weekend on the beach. I hope people start visiting the area because is worth it, we will come back, definitely.

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  1. Que flipada de playa!! Y la especie de Bungalows, joer que envidia!!! Que buena celebración para el día de la Madre. Me alegro que esteis disfrutando mucho chicos!! Un besoo!!


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