Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

R. L. Stevenson Museum

The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum in Vailima, Apia, is on a beautiful location in the middle of a grass field.

R. L. Stevenson Museum

The fee to enter the museum is 15 tala (4.34 euros, 5.87 USD), and it includes the guided tour (you have to do the guided tour, it is definitely worth it). The first thing you get to see is that there is a little path on one side of the field that leads towards the top of a hill where Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife Fanny Vandegrift Osbourne. There are two ways, a long one it is around an hour and it is like a walk, and a sorter one, more steep that would take around 45 minutes.

Inside of the house you can see how wide and high the rooms are, R. L. Stevenson brought the red Californian wood from the US to build up this very solid house. The decoration is mainly reproductions of the originals, because most of the personal belongings where sold after R. L. Stevenson’s death by his wife.

R. L. Stevenson Museum weapons 01

R. L. Stevenson Museum weapons 02

R. L. Stevenson Museum weapons 03

Some of the items we find in the house are memories of his travels.

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum Buddha

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum lion rug

One of the rooms that I specially liked was the one of Lloyd, the son of Fanny. He was the translator with the locals and slept next to R. L. Stevenson’s mother, Margaret Isabella Balfour in order to help her communicate with the house workers.

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum bow and arrows

There where also some interesting items that belonged to Fanny.

R. L. Stevenson Museum dress

R. L. Stevenson Museum mirror

I dont want to spoil the visit but I want to tell a story that I specially liked. The Safe in the house is the original that R. L. Stevenson brought from the US. This item was obviously very intriguing for the local kids so much that Stevenson told them a story that he kept demons inside so it is better to stay away from it, just in case the demons get angry.

R. L. Stevenson Museum safe detail

It is a wonderful visit and totally worth the money. A must go when you are in Samoa.



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