Adventure at the pyramid. Part 2

Pulemelei signal

Perviously in

Choice seemed easy until our friend said, I believe the road with the sign is a walking road, the other one is probably a car road and we can drive even closer.
After some fifty meters inside of the road of the right, well we where a bit trapped, no way the car would drive in that road, so we decided to drive back one more time and leave the car on the sign and take the “walking road”.

There we were two couples, one little kid each couple, and we where with the “weekend on the beach” outfit, meaning: “shorts, flip-flops (I had some sandals), and shirt. No carriers to put the kids , long pants or anything like that, but, since we where already there, well one and a half kilometers on the rain forest could not be that hard, no? So we took some water and a little backpack with clothes for the baby and we started the hike.

The first part was a very flat walk through the little way towards the forest. Slowly the way stats to get steeper and we started to hit some plants with thorns on the feet, ouch!

After a while the heat, the weight of carrying the kids and the walking on the forrest became harder. After one muddy area I lost the back part of my right sandal, there was same velcro to hold it, and it wont clue anymore. It became slippery, specially a bit later when I lost the same part in my left foot and we started to walk on some rocky areas. This together with my sense for balance made the rest of the walk a bit harder.

At some point, I guess some kilometer inside of the way, we found this sign:

Watch out sign

OK, watch out for what?? Mmmhh, after looking carefully the terrain we realized that those where coconut trees, and then I thought, ok, how do we watch out for the coconuts falling? Do we look up? and what about the rocks and the snakes? (we saw already one small one, but you never know if the big snake brother is around, better check). So I found more dangerous the things on the floor than the things on the trees so I just tried to walk fast this area and that was it.

It started to rain, but we where not far, we could see the way change from mud to more volcanic stones. The interesting thing here is that at some point, the way became a stone staircase, full of vegetation, and at the end of the staircase we where at the top of the mound. It is interesting because on the satellite image from Google you can see the structure perfectly shaped, but when you are there, is all full of vegetation, you don’t even see the base of the pyramid (is more a ziggurat than a pyramid, though).

Pulemelei Mound View

I would love to tell you some details about the Pulemelei Mound, but there is really not much about it. There was an archeological excavation between 2002 and 2004, but there is a need for further research, the radiocarbon studies, conclude that there is a complicated developmental history spanning several centuries. An extensive study o the Pulemelei Mound might lead to a better explanation of the origins of the Polynesians.

Back to our expedition. Here we where and the rain was hitting us hard now, we needed to wait a bit until this goes away. It eventually stopped and we started our way back. Coming back was faster and easier, we where at the car in half an hour more or less.

When we where safe and sound at the car we realized, if we ever come back to the pyramid, we will bring the baby carrier, long pants, proper shoes and this should be an easy one.



  1. Eloyyy ya veo que estáis genial por allí, que paisajes y que playas!!! Que envidia!! Va todo bien?? Dale un beso a tus chicas, aquí se os echa de menos!!
    Un beso gordo.


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