Adventure at the pyramid. Part I

Pulemelei Mound

We decided to go this weekend with some friends to Savai’i, the largest island of Samoa. We thought it would be nice to spend the night out and spend some time getting to know the other island and get into our first adventure in Samoa.

First thing I have to say is that to get there from Upolu you can take a ferry, there are several stories with the ferries that I will cover more in depth in other post, but for now I can only say that both ways the boat was leaving the port around five minutes earlier than expected, are these guys Swish or Samoan??

Well, back to the adventure, the first thing we went to do was visiting the Pulemelei Mound, the pyramid in Savai’i. I have checked this on Google Maps before going to Samoa and it look like a very interesting place to go. I thought it will be interesting to see a pyramid in the middle of the rain forest of a pacific island. Well, the story starts:

We found a small road that you can drive to some point so that you can get closer to the mound. after driving some hundred meters we got to our first challenge, some sort of river with a stone road over it.

Stone bridge

We drove over it without much problems, and that is where some local guy came to us saying that we need to pay five tala per person to visit the pyramid. This is a common practice in Samoa, when you go somewhere and you need to drive by some village, you need to pay “the fee”. Well we tell the man that we will pay on the way back and off we go.

Some two hundred meters more the road got pretty bumpy and that was when something made PUM!! in our car and a cloud of smoke came out of the engine, not good. We were the car on the back so we where blocking the exit of our friends car (the only one working at this point in time). So the village man left already so we did not have a way to know whom to ask for help… I have not seen any village either so not that we cold just walk there and ask for help, the only possible way out was walking out to the road that we came from and walking to the next possible place, did I mentioned that it was Saturday evening? As you can imagine there was nothing open by then.

Well so there we were and we did what anyone else would have done, start playing around the engine and the radiator of the car to se if magically we can touch something to make the car work again. Well, after a while the engine was a little cooler and we tried to start the car, after a couple of tries, it worked!! jaja, lets see how far we get… since we really wanted to go to this pyramid, we decided to drive the car back as far as possible and try to park it on a little spot at the entrance of the road and leave it there until we come back from the pyramid, so, drive back, car not looking very good but at least driving, ad we dropped it off right at the beginning of the road, only to come back to our friends car to keep driving.

Well here we are again, driving towards the pyramid. after some two hundred meters from the point where we left the car we find two roads, a very small towards the rain forest with a small sign saying one and a half kilometers to the Pulemelei, the other one without a sign. What to do? We will see in the next post.

Pulemelei signal



  1. Muy buena Eloy, estoy esperando al proximo capítulo…
    Pero cuando vas a empezar a contarnos que se come por esos lares?
    Un abrazo a los tres!

  2. Ya te vale, dejarlo justo en lo más interesante…

  3. Ya sabes cómo es esto, hay que mantener a la audiencia en tensión. Ya he subido la segunda parte.

  4. ………waiting with abated breath ……..hopefully you have all returned to bear witness to tell this tale…….Este es Part II !!!!!????


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