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Dogs in Savaii

I have never really touched the issue with dogs in Samoa and I feel I should talk a little bit about it. There is a serious problem with dogs in Samoa, as simple as that. This might be one of the big setbacks of this country.

There are dogs everywhere, and you never know if there are wild dogs or if they are owned by someone (I have seen very few with name tags). Most of the time they are not threatening or aggressive, but sometimes they are. I have myself have several issues with our neighbors dog when walking by to my house. I come from a family where there has been animals all the time (my father is a veterinarian), I am very used to deal with them and don’t get scared easily, the couple of times this dog tried to attack my, I just kick him out of the way and everything was fine. Samoans usually carry a couple of stones with them just in case some dog gets too aggressive, I rather take a big stick with me and when a dog gets close, hit the stick against the floor – it worked well for me until now-.

Obviously this is not a solution to the problem, I heard there has been some measurements taken in Apia – where they where killing some stray dogs at some point- and in a village north of Savaii that forbid dogs without tags. These seem to me very isolated initiatives to tackle the big issue that dogs are here. There needs to be a national law that can be enforced everywhere and this is very hard in Samoa.

Lets look at the health problems this might bring, not only to the security ones. Dogs carry illnesses, we know it because there is a whole battery of vaccinations we have to put our dogs in Europe. Just imagine a country full of dogs and very few of them has been vaccinated, this can end up on the transmission of some of these illnesses to the humans. Not to talk about parasites, I have never seen a anti-parasite collar here in Samoa, and these dogs are continuously exposed to the wild, so they usually get parasites that they transmit to the humans.

I really think there should be some strong measures from the government in order to keep a little bit of order on the dogs growth. First tag all the owned dogs and give a deadline to do so. Then have a vaccination program for those dogs, and last but not least, take the remaining stray dogs, and keep them in a shelter for a while and then if nobody wants the dogs, kill them, it sounds awful but it the only way.

On the positive side, I have not heard about very big issues with dogs outside of Apia, so if you are planning to come to Samoa, don’t worry too much about this, just be aware that this is an issue and you might need to get a good stone or a good stick if you go to certain areas specially in the early morning or in the night.



  1. Lynda

    I remember that we had too many encounters with stray dogs. They could be scary sometimes. They were really dirty, mangy, and skinny. I think they need to control it. You’re so right about vaccinating them.What about rabies? I love Samoa, though, and I am envious of you being able to live in such a paradise. Have so much fun!

  2. valentin moreno

    jajajajaja, muy buena Eloy!!te estoy viendo con el palo en la mano, como el auténtico Tio La Vara, jajajajajajaja

  3. #Valentin La verdad es que estoy de cuadro, con mis chanclas y el palo, dando golpes al suelo en plan Gandalf según paso al lado de los perros. Ahora estoy en los EEUU y he visto en una tienda un cacharro que espanta a los perros, me lo voy a comprar a ver si funciona mejor, ya veremos.

    #Lynda Samoa is a great place to live in, but like any other place there are issues. I have been told from several samoans that there is no rabies in Samoa, but I have seen a couple of very suspicious drooling dogs around so I think is very possible that there are some dogs with rabies. Problem with rabies is that in places like Spain (where I come from) they won vaccinate you for rabies, they will give you an injection if you get infected.

  4. Gracias Flor, mas seguramente no son iguales,
    es una versión casera de estas galletas que las otras, las que yo
    conozco son industriales.


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